Baccalaureate Programs

AAfPE’s membership includes over 450 universities, colleges, private schools and institutions of higher learning.  In 2010 ninety-four of these institutions offer a baccalaureate degree in Legal Studies or Paralegal Studies as a major. Some institutions that offer baccalaureate degree (B.A.) also offer Associate Degrees and Certificates in Legal Studies.  Many of these BA programs in Legal Studies are approved by the American Bar Association (ABA).

There are many opportunities for members of BA Programs to be involved in AAfPE. The Educator, the main publication of AAfPE, offers opportunities for members to write articles related to paralegal education.  Those members who are interested in scholarly writing may participate in the Scholarly Journal Committee.  In addition, AAfPE’s annual conferences have provided a venue for members to present topics of interest in areas of teaching, curriculum development, student engagement, academic service learning and other issues related to paralegal education.  AAfPE’s recent annual conferences have also provided an opportunity for members to present their research in a “Peer Research” forum. 

BA Programs are represented by the BA Representative on AAfPE’s Board of Directors. The Representative of Baccalaureate Programs is elected by the Directors of the BA Programs every three years. The BA Representative communicates with the Directors of the BA Programs and brings the concerns of the BA Programs to the attention of AAfPE’s Board of Directors. The names, phone numbers and email addresses of all officers and members of the AAfPE’s Board of Directors are available under Governance.  Linda T. Chin is presently the BA Representative (2009-2012) and she can be reached at [email protected]