Associate Degree Programs

This web page was designed to share information of interest to those offering an associate program.  Approximately 75% of AAfPE’s current membership offers an associate degree program. 

Some of the activities planned for the coming year are:  (1) to track the type of associate degree being offered by our members (i.e., the Associate of Arts, the Associate of Science, or the Associate of Applied Science); (2) to share ideas on how to teach writing skills especially to students who still need remedial English skills; (3) to increase bachelor degree articulation agreements; and (4) to find ways to expand and improve our programs in this era of ever shrinking school budgets.

To make sure that the voice and mission of associate programs are recognized within AAfPE, an AAfPE Director of Associate Programs serves on the AAfPE Board for a three-year term.  The current AAfPE Director of Associate Programs is Dora Dye of City College of San Francisco.  Questions related to associate degree programs should be directed to Dora at [email protected] or at 415/239-3508.  In addition, stay tuned to this web page for updates.