Submission Guidelines: How to Write for The Legal Educator 


Articles may be on any topic that would be of interest to paralegal and legal studies educators. On occasion, a Legal Educator issue will have a central theme or motif so submissions will be chosen based on their support of that theme or motif. All articles are selected or rejected at the discretion of the Editor and the Publications Committee.


Articles should conform to our “Style and Formatting Guidelines.”  Generally, articles may be of any length. The article should be submitted with an appropriate title, the author’s name and current organizational affiliation and with a short biography (3-5 sentences—please) as well as a recent photo (jpg at 300 dpi only). Articles should be submitted in Word®. It is preferred that articles are double-spaced and follow the conventions of good English. Please spell and grammar-check articles before submission. If any article material is borrowed from other sources, those sources should be appropriately quoted or paraphrased with proper attribution. The name of the author, the source, date, page number and other bibliographic information is required when borrowing information. Please refer to our "Endnotes and Bibliographic References Citation Manual”  for complete directions on citation style.


Once published, The Legal Educator owns the article and copyrights it. The Legal Educator articles also appear on the AAfPE website, so electronic rights to your article are also owned by AAfPE. The Legal Educator has a very liberal permissions policy so that AAfPE members may borrow the article for classroom use but with appropriate attribution. Authors are expected to sign an Author Release form prior to publication.


Once an article is submitted, the Editor reviews it to see if the content is appropriate for The Legal Educator. If appropriate for The Legal Educator, the Editor provides minor copy-editing and then offers the article to volunteer peer reviewers from the Editorial Board for their comments, edits, and recommendations regarding acceptance for publication. Author and institution names are removed from the articles for the review process. Likewise, authors are not notified of reviewer names. 

Article acceptance recommendations by peer reviewers are as follows:

  • Accepted
  • Accept with Minor Revisions
  • Reconsider with Major Revisions
  • Reject

Editorial comments by peer reviewers are sent to the author for response by designated deadlines. Upon receipt of acceptable revisions, authors will be notified of acceptance for publication in The Legal Educator.

Once accepted, articles are published in the next issue of The Legal Educator.


Unfortunately, all of the author’s hard work in getting published does not earn the author any financial compensation. However, published authors do receive recognition and credibility among your peers and colleagues in that The Legal Educator is the only professional periodical dedicated to paralegal and legal studies education.

For more information, contact Carolyn Bekhor, Editor-in-Chief (Phone: 909-448-4410; [email protected]).